AdTriba’s Cost Uploader is now live!

AdTriba’s Cost Uploader is now live!
July 17, 2017 János Moldvay
Cost Uploader

We just added a brand new feature to your AdTriba dashboard. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Cost Uploader!

It may not seem like it, but this little extra feature is a game changer. From now on, you can upload any advertising costs into your AdTriba dashboard to sharpen your data-driven algorithmic attribution. No matter how many advertising channels you use, or which ad partners you work with. You can virtually integrate any data from any provider.

Let’s have a look at the Cost Uploader together!

You can find the latest feature under “Settings” in your AdTriba console. The last tab, “Cost Uploader”, will take you there.


By clicking on “+ Add Files…“, you can select CSV or Excel files to upload new costs to consider. You can add several files at the same time. Naturally, drag-and-drop also works.


Once all your files are selected and ready to be uploaded, click on “Upload All” to proceed with the import of the data.


If all went well, you should see your files appear in the table below, under “Uploaded Cost Files.”

It’s that easy! You can manage your costs at any time – whether you want to upload some more costs or remove uploaded files.

Data Format

There are some dummy data you can download from the console. This gives you an idea of how the data should be formatted before being uploaded. You can find examples here too as CSV or Excel.


You can customize your data as you see fit. The mandatory columns are A, B, and E. You absolutely need a date, a channel, and an amount spent. Otherwise, we cannot embed the data into your algorithmic attribution modeling.

Regarding the date, it is recommended to use the ISO 8601 format, as shown in the screenshot (YYYY-MM-DD).

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!